Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A day late but the memories linger, of chocolates and heart displays and roses in buckets in front of every flower store and couples walking hand in hand on the rain-slicked streets in the evening.  (How those girls walk on the Paris streets in stiletto heels I'll never know.)

But, back to Valentine's Day in Paris, just a few snaps of all the caloric joy being spread - 


I admire the displays and am happy there is glass between me and the works of edible art behind it.  There's just far too much of this gorgeous stuff floating around here.  However, I did have a slice from pictures 3 and 4, as that amazing-looking (and amazing-tasting) pistachio/raspberry macaron heart cake was serving double-duty as a birthday cake, topping a dinner that lasted till midnight and featured a cheese course and tarte tatin as well, not to mention the bottles of white and red wine, and the champagne that began and ended the evening.

And that's another mystery besides the stiletto heels.  Just how does someone dine until midnight and then go to work or school the next morning?  Apparently, this American is now conducting an empirical study to find out.  So far, I'm discovering that it works far better for the locals than for me.

Perhaps, like exercise, it's simply a matter of practice.

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