Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tragedy in France

I didn't post for a while because I had such a hard time deciding if I wanted to take the tone of this blog into something as highly emotional, politically sensitive and global and let's face it - serious, as the events of the past week in France.  I've posted from here mostly about beautiful Paris treasures, the weather, the changing of the seasons, food, art, and the joie de vivre I've come to appreciate and enjoy every day.

But even the terror that shook France last week was something I learned from, witnessed from a much closer distance than had I been in the United States, and the media and politicians were producing the news even more quickly than they could process it.  In that way, it felt to me a bit like September 11, 2001 in New York City (not at all on the same scale or at the same proximity).  There were questions, horror and confusion; and it was practically all that the French news covered all week.  

I bought and photographed the covers of France's major newspapers, because even their differences and emphases were worth noting.  
"The Tragedy that Moves France So Deeply"

"Massacre of Toulouse - France Horrified"

The names of the victims in the 3 Toulouse attacks
Is there anything more I can say?  Not really.  My words will not make a difference.  It's just that I couldn't say nothing.  

Life went on, absolutely normally, here in Paris, miles away from Toulouse.  Nonetheless, I believe that the entire country was affected in some ways, not least of which because France is in the last month of its presidential election campaign.  Most of the candidates decided to take a couple of days off from their campaigning, but the reality was that they were still everywhere the cameras were.  Now, they're trying to figure out how these events are to be integrated into their positions.  As an American, this all sounds familiar. 

May the memories of these innocent victims live on, and may those who make decisions make wise ones in their memory.

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