Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wifi in the NYC Subway...and Phone Booths

Wifi on the subway platform of New York City!  And for free!  What a fabulous new thing to come home to find.  It's not everyone's ideal; take two New Yorkers - give them a new idea to ponder, and you'll get at least one negative perspective on it.  Maybe two.

As for me?  Fantastic.  I tried it out last week and, of course, was simply amazed that it even worked.  I know that's ridiculous; there's wifi in so many places, both in New York and all over, including Paris public parks, and so why not?  

More information and subway stations currently with Wifi are here.

And speaking of which, why not have Wifi offered at unused telephone booths?  Someone thought of that, too, and it's starting in New York as well.  I just found one in Soho at the corner of West Broadway and Spring Street.
And it worked, too!  Ah, yes, we live in the future...

The list of current phone booth locations with free Wifi is here.  Go use it; the City is counting, and if it's well-used, it may spread to all of the over 12,000 phone booths that now exist in New York City!

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