Saturday, November 12, 2011

"La Source"

I was so overcome by my first ballet evening at the Opera Garnier that I jumped at the chance to buy a ticket to see another classical ballet performed there by the Paris Opera Ballet.  The ballet is La Source, and the ballet and its music were marvelous, but the memorable standout (for better or worse) were the incredible haut-couture costumes designed by Christian Lacroix.  
My curtain call photos don't do these costumes justice, but the New York Times also made note of Lacroix's recent efforts and much more detailed photos are here.

Of course, I cannot pass up another opportunity to display a few more photos of the iconic Paris Opera house.  No matter what is playing if/when a visit to Paris is on the calendar, this is a place not to miss for a theater lover (that is, a lover of the theater space itself).  Like many in Europe, the Opera is to theater what Notre Dame Cathedral is to places of worship.  

Well, that's my view anyway.  Here, decide for yourself.

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