Tuesday, November 29, 2011

une demi

In another one of my "aha!" moments here, I recently made the highly important discovery that one can purchase half of a baguette at the local boulangerie!  This is incredibly serious business, as the French want (and now, of course so do I) their bread fresh, fresh, fresh.  And, being alone here, what I've been doing with the rest of entire baguettes uneaten the next day is a tragedy that shall not be revealed.  

But you can guess.  Either it's:
1.  Eating the whole thing and feeling horribly guilty.
2.  Throwing over half of it away and feeling horribly guilty.
3.  Well, there's really not a #3.

I now feel very cool (and thrifty) doing as the locals do...and it costs (drum roll, please) half the cost of the whole baguette.

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