Monday, January 2, 2012

Fifth and 57th

New Yorkers call this the epicenter of the center of the Universe.  It seems everyone else does, too.  This year, during the Christmas/New Year's holiday weeks, I found midtown more packed with bodies than ever.  Bloomberg welcomed New York City's 50 millionth visitor of 2011 last week.  Well, good.  It's great for the economy and a wonderful charge to the city and us folks who live here to have so many happy tourists loving the city we love, too.  (However, why they're only in midtown remains a mystery to me.  Spread out!  The rest of New York welcomes you, too!)

On the other hand, the glories of the intersection of these two major thoroughfares have entertained me for decades, especially when I worked in offices in the neighborhood and used the beautiful shops nearby, including Bergdorf's, as momentary "sanity" escapes when things became something less than beautiful at the office.  To call it a reality check would be hard to justify; they were more like fantasy checks to combat reality.
And the windows at Bergdorf are always the most opulent at Christmastime.  
At the opposite corner, this year's Tiffany windows were definitely about the clever and colorful carousel framing. 
Writing this from back in Paris, where it was sunny, then rained, and now stopped, all in the time I was posting, provides quite the contrast.  Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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