Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chante France

A new French radio station from Paris for my iphone and ipad!  To compliment my classical favorite, Radio Classique, I have just added Chante France.  Check out the internet link, and if it's a hit, you can add it as an app through itunes to your iphone, etc. (gratuit - free).

This station plays popular songs in France, old and new.  I've found that many popular radio stations in Paris play as many (or more) songs that are sung in English (like American hits) as in French.  This one is all French!  I discovered it by receiving the station in Paris through the old-fashioned radio on my très basic French cell phone. 

It's great as a running companion, and I can try to mouth the songs as I run, which must be quite a sight.  My French teacher keeps telling us to join a church choir to améliorer our spoken French, but since I don't see me singing at Notre Dame any time soon, this is my next best thing. 


  1. amazing! I"m always looking for new french stations ...

    1. If you find some others you like, let me know. I mostly listen to Chante France for something upbeat, Radio Classique for the obvious classical music, and the France Inter stations when I want to hear a lot of spoken French!