Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm exhausted after a full day of flying overseas, moving into an apartment, unpacking, dealing with the odds and ends, and registering for my course in PARIS!  But, even with exhaustion, I cannot hide my enthusiasm and my pleasure with everything that combined to make all this happen.  I am going to become a student again after 30 years!

In fact, I now am the proud owner of a Student ID (ok, so this student photo has gray hair, but also a huge smile, even with the jetlag).

And check out the view I get to walk through each day (as the seasons change) to and from my classes.
Although it looks like fall, sooner here than in New York judging by the color of the leaves and shortness of the daylight hours, it was over 75 degrees and sunny today and is predicted to stay that way through the week.  What a welcome!  Late season sun worshipers abounded (note the apropos palm trees).
That's the same park, by the way, as the first photo, just a few dozen steps apart.

I also noticed this tree trimmer (he probably has a better-sounding title), and realized that these shapes do not happen by magic.  They are the result of hard work, sometimes in the heat.  It was a timely reminder that my time in Paris to learn French will also not be something that happens by magic (it certainly hasn't been thus far).  I, too, plan to be working very hard (perhaps even harder than those, ahem, student sunbathers).
 Hello, gorgeous!

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