Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I Will Miss

I'm already feeling those pangs of missing certain things I love about New York.  I realize I'm not moving away for good, but in my 30 years of residence, I've rarely been away from "the City" for more than 2 weeks!

Here are a few things I already know I'll miss---

1.  The Manhattan skyline while riding over the Triboro Bridge after a return flight to Laguardia, at any and every time of day, and that feeling of "being home."

2.  Zabar's and Fairway.

3.  The Central Park Reservoir and Tennis Courts.

4.  Pier 1 on the Hudson River at summer sunset.

5.  Being able to give tourists accurate directions.

6.  2,000 square feet.

7.  New York in a blizzard.

8.  A less than $150 flight from Chicago to see my college students.

9.  The price of things in US dollars.

10.  Joe Coffee.

11.  Iconic Soho architecture.

12.  Walking through the city for hours and always finding something new.

Sometimes, though, as the saying goes, it makes your heart grow fonder.  And I can honestly say that's already starting to happen.  What an odd and also wonderful feeling of love and appreciation I have for all that is New York, for all that New York has given me over almost all of my adult life, and for the warmth I'll carry with me to Paris, knowing home is always here waiting for me.

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