Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Little Taste of London

St. Pancras International Station, London
What fun, and how amazing, it is to be able to travel between France and England in a little over two hours by train.  On the France side of the Channel Tunnel, the announcements commence in French and are followed in English, and once on the other side, the reverse occurs.  And that's how quickly the cultures change.
My eurostar train - on time!
Inside the train
I got to have a less than 24-hour jaunt to London to have dinner and see a play.  What an unexpected treat, and certainly something we just don't have in a country as big as the US (New York to Wilmington, anyone?).

London had fabulous weather, too!  Lucky me.  So, here are a few images from my Saturday morning in London - - - 
high above Marble Arch
and down below my feet (not enough time to get used to traffic direction)!
more directions
Near Buckingham Palace
Ready for anything at St. Pancras's eurostar waiting area
...missed the mushy peas.  Next time?
In St. James's Park
More St. James's Park
What the tourists really come to see
My biggest issue about the ease of such travel was actually remembering that I needed to bring my passport!  Yes, indeed, the customs/immigration/security process resembles that of the airport, with a bit less stress factor built in.  

But there certainly would have been high stress had I forgotten the passport....

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