Monday, October 10, 2011

Patisserie Viennoise

There is a gem on the left bank that seems to have been around forever, and its dim sparkle is known by many - students, families, tourists and old timers, alike.  They come for a light lunch of salad, quiche and pasta dishes, or for a coffee or tea and Viennese pastries such as apfelstrudel, sacher torte, and linzer torte.  And in the winter, they come mostly for the chocolat chaud; I'm waiting for winter to try it. 

When I was there, on a wet-ish day, people were coming and going nonstop for the goodies to take away, and the tiny attached dining room, where I was installed for a while with quiche and a book, was filled with others likewise engaged.  The street it is on itself is worth a walk; narrow, narrow, narrow, it has a great deal of history (and previous names) behind it.  It currently manages to have a bus line run though it (so don't step off the narrow sidewalk when others walking the other way try to get past you). 
daily menu
pomme et péche tarte
La Patisserie Viennoise
8 Rue de l’École de Médecine
75006 Paris

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