Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Accidental Tourist in my Hometown

Actually, that title isn't accurate in two respects.  I'm not a tourist in New York, and New York is not my hometown.  Nonetheless, after living here for so many years, and then taking a walk on a Saturday through Grand Central Station (an excellent time to stop and take pictures without fear of being trampled by commuters) and Rockefeller Center (where one is always at risk of being trampled), I'm not immune from feeling like a wide-eyed tourist all over again.  

So, with the day so pretty, and caught up in the mood, I took some photos of the sites tourists visit every single day here, and I so rarely do.  And with a new eye, I feel appreciation afresh for these locations I take for granted - in rain, in blizzard, in sun, in cold, during heatwaves, Christmas tree crush, summer exodus and commuter ignorance - which, at the same time, have provided the background for a lifetime of New York memories.
Channel Gardens, Rockefeller Plaza
Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station
Chrysler Building
Rockefeller Plaza
Saint Patrick's Cathedral

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