Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Savage Beauty and Pretzels

The Met is at the back end of my backyard.  That I am able to walk there in less than a half hour from my home gives me a feeling of ownership; thus, I can visit whenever I want (and I don't have to mow the lawn).  

Today I went specifically to see the new Costume Institute exhibition, "Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty."  This is some exhibit - I had no idea what I was going to get when I walked in there.  I don't want to spoil it by over-commenting; there will certainly be plenty of professional reviews.  But, it's pretty wild, and I highly recommend it for something extremely out of the ordinary at the Met, and considerably more extravagant and expensively produced and realized, through sets, lights, music, video, even hologram, than other Costume Institute exhibits I have seen in the past.  I'm even recommending it to my sons - a fashion designer retrospective?  Well, yes, you'll see what I mean.  It's very Tim Burton meets Morticia Adams meets high fashion European fashion designer.  Gory, gothic, sophisticated, over-the-top, not wearable, exquisite and extremely original - all that could be one piece!  Fascinating and surprising, it's running through July 31, 2011.
a rendering of one gallery of the exhibit, from the Met website

After, I guess I built up an appetite, probably not from the exhibit, but rather from seeing people eating and drinking on the rooftop, where I also (always) stop at the end of my Met visits for the view, when its Roof Garden is open, and it just did open for the season last week.  Every live plant in Central Park has "popped" by now, so it was green, green, green, in every direction (pity the number of patrons I witnessed sneezing and blowing their noses and wiping runny pollen-attacked eyes - ah, 'tis the season).  

So, upon leaving hungry, I had to stop and try a Sigmund Pretzel from their cart at the base of the grand steps of the museum.

They are fresh, warm, soft, and in various flavors, which change from time to time.  We tried two flavors - feta and olive, which just simply bore no resemblance to the traditional New York City street pretzel (in every possible positive way).  Actually, it bore no resemblance to any pretzel, but don't let that stop you!  It was as good as it sounds.  By itself, it could be lunch.  And the other try was cheddar; that one looks like a pretzel and definitely tastes like one, covered top and bottom by shredded cheddar.  Both were fantastic snacks to be enjoyed either on the steps of the Met while watching the fashion parade of visitors to the McQueen exhibit or while walking home through my backyard.
[PS - just added this link to the NYTimes review of 5/7, FYI - the reviewer called it "a marvel."  Go.]

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