Friday, May 6, 2011

We could all use some...

...humor on a Friday, that is.  Maybe not $1 jokes.  No, I didn't actually try.  But, there I was, on this amazingly beautiful stretch of promenade in Central Park (Literary Walk, it's called officially, or Poet's Walk), in the late afternoon sun, in perfect spring weather, tout le monde outside to enjoy the springy start to the weekend, and there he is, the man to take us away from our global and individual cares and woes.  OK, perhaps not.  Anyway, he did happen to have a customer as I walked by...
wonder what the punchline was!
 Honestly, though, I didn't really need jokes (sorry, guy).  When you have just walked by this -
 and this -
and through this - 
on your way to the joke man, you probably already have gathered all the bonheur you need to carry you through the weekend.

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