Sunday, May 15, 2011

Caffeinated Weekends - Lucid

1. Easily understood; intelligible.
2. Mentally sound; sane or rational.
3. Translucent or transparent.

I'd love to be able to say that all my days and all my experiences meet those definitions, but Friday was definitely not one of them.  Nonetheless, I did find a very civilized (and very early) start to that day at Lucid.  It's an adorable tiny espresso bar on Lexington Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets.  It's the type of place I might expect to find on every other block in the East Village or Lower East Side but  would  never be found  right where I found it.  That means I need to try to remember exactly where I found it!

They have just what you need in a good espresso bar  - a bright red La Marzocco espresso machine that the two young women who run the shop know how to use with care and flair, and tasty croissants, muffins and other good baked stuff, some from Ceci Cela and some that are baked on the premises.  There are just two tables for sitting Franco-style (to read Le Figaro, perhaps?) and a skinny stand-up counter for a quick espresso gulp Italo-style.  But, even if you're looking to sit, sip and read a novel for a while, this is possible and exactly what I saw when I was there (however, at 7:15am on a Friday, even that didn't seem quite lucid to me).  This tiny café is warm, inviting and has none of the cold corporate franchise feel of most other larger coffee alternatives in the neighborhood (you know who you are). 

If only the rest of the day had been as lucid.

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