Friday, May 20, 2011

Midtown Tunnel

It never ceases to amaze me.  Was I walking around New York for the last 30 years completely blinded by work, chores, child-rearing and daily pressures?  The title of my blog is unfortunately more accurate than I intended.  How did I miss this?
It's a funny little tunnel that serves no purpose (it's art!) tucked between two buildings on 48th Street ("Music Row") between Seventh Avenue and Sixth Avenue, across the street from the Cort Theater.  (It was McGraw-Hill's contribution to the public passageway between 48th and 49th Streets when its building on Sixth Avenue was built in 1972 as part of the Rockefeller Center Extension.)  
Good to know there are others out there who do live with their eyes open.  There they were, taking pictures, linking arms, walking through and posing in and around this plexiglass tunnel under a waterfall. Just plain old no-purpose fun.

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