Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just What We Don't Need

Really!  We need ATMs in the middle of Central Park?  Really?
They're already on every possible corner and in every mid-block storefront all over the city, appearing to take over every new lease that opens up (from space previously occupied by an obviously useless dry cleaner, or grocer, or drug store, or restaurant), because you just can't have too many banks.  And who wants to have to walk another ten steps to the next one down the block?

But, in the park?!?  Really?  It's not possible to take your cash with you?  And what exactly are you going to buy in the park, a pigeon?

Lucky for me I don't have to take time out of my busy day to try to answer these (inane) questions, because these "pop-up" ATMs (in fact, there were two  placed within feet of each other, confirming my theory that they only travel in packs) are only in the park for a couple of days (one hopes), in connection with a large rock concert on the Great Lawn scheduled for tonight.  And yet, this still raises the question of what one was going to need an ATM for during a free rock concert in Central Park.

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