Saturday, June 4, 2011

West 74th Street

This morning was a bit earlier than typical for me on a Saturday when I found myself walking along West 74th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam.  Aside from running into someone I know (which always surprises me in such a large city), I was caught suddenly by the beauty of this double window and the uneven, faded shade of deep green.  I then began to look up and around and noticed more striking windows, doorways and decorative additions on the exterior walls of these residences.

I forgot to mention the goal of this 74th Street meander.  My intent was to find a warm something for breakfast from Levain, my favorite little bakery.  I've never been there this early; there was too much choice at that hour!  So, I had to think fast... and ended up with both a chocolate brioche AND my usual oatmeal raisin scone (for, um, breakfast tomorrow?).  Those brioche are HUGE! They're the ones standing on end in the wire basket below.

 Of course, I also had to stop and smell the lilacs (I think I drive the flower sellers nuts doing that)...
 ...and admire the roses, too.
It's a pretty day in the neighborhood today.

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