Monday, June 27, 2011

Sidewalk Philosophy

Sidewalk path in Central Park

I've been seeing these around Central Park from time to time.  This one was alone; at least it's all I saw on my run to the Reservoir the other day.  However, there are other times I've seen one after another of this sort of drawing consisting of motivational philosophy - and fish - along my walk, with practically a story to follow that develops along the way.  

Since this was the second time I encountered this, I figured it's no fluke (bad pun intended).  And so I did a little research and came to learn about James De La Vega.  He's quite known already as a New York street muralist.  He's executed more complex wall art in other parts of town. 

I also found interesting video of De La Vega creating sidewalk art on Fifth Avenue during the 2009  Museum Mile Festival (an annual June evening when the museums along Fifth Avenue are open late, admissions are free and the avenue becomes a pedestrian walk).  See it here.

I'll be on the lookout now for more, and I'm sure to become motivated to post what I find.

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  1. He has been doing museum mile since the late nineties. His work is usually found in the Upper East Side and Connecticut.