Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Philadelphia Delight

I spent two years in West Philly, back in the Dark Ages, also known as the Late '70s.  It was a very different place (everything in the Northeast was different in the '70s, as I keep noting in these posts - sorry about that) than the delightful, clean-yet-slightly-edgy-just-enough-to-be-real city I visited during the weekend.  Here are some signs of that change:
Adorable bike racks
Ironic nod to gentrification - note the awning
Huge store-front wine school
Awfully polite rental sign (in NY that sign would say "tenant died, get here fast")
I'm taking that imposing over-the-entry address marker home!
OK, point taken

Sign seems to have worked
Yes, indeed
Café Lutecia's Croissant Bread Pudding - for me, in the end, it's always about dessert.

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