Saturday, June 25, 2011

High Line, Section II

This is one of the most Euro promenades in New York.  I say this because it's where the European tourists go.  This is not a scientific study, of course, but my own observation from High Line strolls I've taken.  I love to listen to the various languages - British English, German, French, Italian, and others not just in or near the EU, including Chinese and Japanese.  Outside the US, folks seem to enjoy walks and admiring architecture.  Here's a great spot for it, and now it's double its previous length.  
Sign at the bottom of one of the entrance stairways
Embedded rail in the pathway
The newer section is mostly narrower and greener.
Much narrower; traffic flows like a two-lane country road.
Doesn't this just look too perfect to be real? 
Dramatic architecture sprouting up all along the High Line
And we're high up enough to catch wall graffiti, too.
Since this new extension only opened in June, it's going to be a "thing" for a while to come so it's pretty busy up there.  It's worth the visit, though; there's nothing wrong with a slow stroll, after all.

And for hunger afterward, or before, there's always Chelsea Market if you're around the stairway entrances at the southern end.  Or, at the northern section, I just found a burger place (ala Shake Shake, without the lines out the door or the hype) called New York Burger Co.  It's right off the Highline; you can see the High Line from the open windows on Tenth Avenue and 23rd Street.  Pretty much fast food, but made to order and fresh ingredients make it feel almost virtuous.  If you bike down and back, even better.

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