Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I definitely have a few phobias.  Chief among them?  Flying, unfortunately.  That's a tough one for someone who enjoys travel so much.  But I have learned to cope, and my battle gear is always with me when I fly (small wine bottle on board, Enya on the iPod, noise-canceling headphones, and often something stronger for the longer flights).  I mostly manage to not let my phobias get in the way of my life. 

Bergdorf Goodman's window designer, though, you have to wonder about - he really knows phobias.  The current window displays are such a brightly colored kick to the senses that I was compelled to take pictures.  I'm not entirely sure there was a heavy emphasis on fashion here, but they're loads of fun, especially taking some time to read the signs that go with the clever displays.  Lucky for us, the window design team doesn't suffer from defenestraphobia.

Even if you have a fear of shopping (most men I know do), go see these windows.  They're probably some of the most creative store windows we'll see in New York until Barney's offers up their Christmas windows.

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