Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bakery Heaven

By now, it's clear that finding (and eating) great food of many types is one of my favorite pastimes, even with a few dietary restrictions now and then, which just adds to the creativity necessary to find great stuff (like my discovery of Stogo, a one-of-a-kind organic non-dairy ice cream shop (yes, also on East 10th Street).  In such a vein, and contrary to the dietary restrictions, in my very own quartier of the Upper West Side is located such a find of a bakery.  Levain, on West 74th just off Broadway towards Amsterdam.  Down a few steps is bakery heaven.  Their regular items are the largest and heaviest cookies this side of Texas, as well as brioches, scones and a few other items.  What is offered any given hour of any given day depends on the hour and the day.  When I run over there, at the end of a calorie-earning jog around the Reservoir, I join the little line which is always there, enter the depths, and discover what I'll get to reward my sweaty efforts with.  My favorite is the oatmeal raisin scone.  Go.  Discover.  Enjoy.

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