Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chocolate Loving

On a too cold April day (earlier today, that is), I wandered down St. Mark's Place (between First Avenue and Avenue A) after a lovely coffee at Abraço, where I was warmed by the other bodies pressed up against me in the tiny shop which can barely hold five or six customers (who are willing to take only whole milk in their coffee drinks, by the way....grrrr).  Good cortado, though.  

So, following the cortado, I was warmed and girded myself to head back to the subway in the gray of the late afternoon.  However, I was overcome by a shop awning and standing sign I just couldn't resist:
The Chocolate Library

Some marketing, huh?  The proprietor could run for President, and win, with that kind of salesmanship!  Could anyone resist going in to see what's happening inside?  I found the advertised FREE chocolate tasting, with happy customers all around me - 

Twas a very happy place, indeed.  So many varieties of excellent chocolates from around the world.  The shelves lining all the walls held mostly chocolate bars, organized by country of origin, somewhat like a wine store, but I found an intriguing ready-to-microwave French chocolate fondue that I will surely go back for.  The two-for-one special on the incredibly beautiful chocolates pictured below from a New Jersey chocolate maker called "2 Chicks with chocolate" (also being offered for tastes) overwhelmed me with its surprise of passion fruit caramel inside.  I bought two boxes (for one) and happily left with my purchase, into the still cold and even later day. 

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