Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A New York One-of-a-Kind

 Two of them, in fact.  Bill Cunningham and Film Forum.  Though the film has moved to other theaters in the city, I had the pleasure of catching this documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, at an iconic movie house in the far west Village.  It's one of the few where you still have to stand "on" line (a phrase I still never use - to a Texan, it's "in" line and always will be), outside, in all kinds of weather.  Lucky for me, it was one of the few warm Saturday afternoons in the month of April, and I enjoyed my half hour standing in line with the rest of the New Yorkers who either love fashion, love Bill Cunningham's reportage in The New York Times ("On the Street" and "Evening Hours," both in the Sunday Styles section), or love a good back story of a one-of-a-kind character who could only exist - and thrive - in this city.  To boot, I made four new friends while standing ON that line in the late afternoon sunshine who invited me to join them for dinner afterward!

Only in New York!

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