Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspired Jewelry

Sunday, I found myself in Brooklyn.  One doesn't just "find" oneself in Brooklyn (from the Upper West Side of Manhattan anyway).  In fact, I'm embarrassed to admit that only recently have I come to enjoy a few of Brooklyn's treasures, such as BAM (perhaps it was my lack of free time raising children and working more than full-time?).  I'd been dying to get to Williamsburg; yes, it's true, I'd also never been to Williamsburg (more to come on that adventure in a future post), and it turns out the outdoor Brooklyn Flea is there on Sundays (it's seasonal, so check their website).  It was an on-and-off sunny day, mixed with a few spring downpours and drizzles, but it didn't seem to stop the Brooklynites, or the foreigners like me, from checking out the scene. 

First helpful thing to know is that it's barely a 30-minute subway trip to Williamsburg's Bedford Avenue subway stop on the "L" line from the UWS.  Unbelievable!  And what a world it is - young, energetic, hip (of course) and picky, picky, picky.  I mean this in only the best way possible.  The food on sale at the "Flea" - only the best, local, organic, homemade, original, clever...you get the idea.  Furniture - handmade, sold by the furniture makers themselves.  Vintage clothing and costume jewelry - designer!  
And the jewelry.  Well, I wasn't on a search for anything in particular, other than the market and the neighborhood I was exploring.  But, I was caught (as does seem to happen) by the jewelry on display from Saskia deVries
The stones, clasps and other pieces used in her hand-designed and hand-made jewelry are sourced from her travels all over the world, as are her inspirations for their design.  They're quite original and definitely a bit earthy, in a very sophisticated style.  There's high-impact to low, in size, color and design, but everything struck me in the way the look of such elemental stones could have such a polish.  In other words, these pieces can go with country or city, high or low fashion.  Also, they seem to be ageless (meaning, we can be our age and wear them).  Saskia was extremely helpful in describing everything there was to know about each piece and their elements.  She's so passionate about her work, and I didn't see a customer who wasn't drawn in by the beauty and unique quality of Saskia's designs.  Her booth isn't always at the Flea, she told me, but the Upcoming Events section of her website will let you know where she is going to be.

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