Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mon Sac du Jour

My footsteps and subway travels, particularly during the non-office days I am enjoying so much in the last 5 weeks, have led me to many interesting new-to-my-weekday neighborhoods in Manhattan.  One, though, which I thought I knew well is Midtown, land of office buildings and designer shopping.  For many, many years, I worked in law offices all over Midtown Manhattan, and in the last year, although I haven't worked in this neighborhood in over 6 years, my French lessons at FIAF have happily brought me to the Fifth Avenue NQR subway stop at least once a week.
So I am surprised when I find anything new in Midtown (as I described in an earlier post about Fika and Macaron).  Well, it turns out that my favorite new bag is from a boutique right across the street from Macaron, at 59th Street between Madison and Park.  The shop is called m0851, from Montréal. Everything they sell is created and produced in  Montréal.  They have a few shops around the world, including two in NYC (Soho and Madison)...and Paris, bien sur. 
The style at m0851 is described by their website as "elegant and minimalist."  I would agree; that's probably what caught my eye in the store window.  I was drawn in, right away to the bags - the mailbags ("sac rabat") were the styles that most intrigued me.  With my new non-office lifestyle, I have found myself running all over town, carrying most of my belongings with me (only a slight exaggeration) from morning till night.  This bag can be carried slung over the shoulder and chest and holds quite a load, even my laptop.  The colors are earthy and the style is so lowkey that I've been able to carry it around all day, and later to dinner and evening activities, because it's neither office worker briefcase nor obvious unemployed schlepper tote bag.  "Sleek" is perhaps a good word.  It's hip and mature at the same time (my fashion goal!).
Prices are definitely reasonable for such a nice leather with such terrific no-label architectural modern design.  On a revisit, I noted beautiful fine leather jackets for spring and practical raincoats, also with a minimal style.  Many other bag styles and sizes are there (check out the beautiful website), as well as knock-out scarves.  I can't wait for the sales!

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