Saturday, April 9, 2011

Could it be?

Does a morning run in 47F degrees a spring day make?  Well, I'm just thrilled when I don't have to put on gloves and my stupid tip-of-the-ear-covering gray stretchy matching headband.  AND, we got sun, too.  So I believe it almost counts, especially since we're told it's going to be 75 on Monday.  Eh, well, we'll see...  This is New York City, not Texas.

It's so nice-ish, in fact, that I'm very tempted to join the Joe Coffee running team, which runs Central Park on Sundays starting at 10am meeting at the Columbus Joe (they also have another group that meets at Waverly Joe on Saturday).  I haven't tried yet but I did join their Facebook group, so I can't say if it's worked out for me, but there's free Joe coffee after and I'm started to get highly motivated.  I'll report back.
I am so anxious for actual spring (as I define it) - no coats, spring clothes, actual colors, air, sidewalk cafés, sunshine, strolling and biking along Hudson River Park and Riverside Park - all that great outdoor Manhattan stuff.  Soon?

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