Monday, April 4, 2011

It's just a number.

The number is 54, and it’s impossible for me to get my arms around that, mainly because I feel like my life is just beginning!  My kids are moving up and out, and all the doors are wide open.
Ace Hotel, New York
I find new things I like and new experiences to embark upon constantly, and I am always sharing them with my friends here in New York, and with those who visit.  It’s one of my great pleasures, whether it’s boutiques, wonderful coffee houses, restaurants, theater and dance, museums, beauty tips, you name it. 
I am a perpetual tourist in that regard (often with style/fashion/beauty coming before history and conventional tourist sights, but I always check those out, too), and I adore the finds that weren’t in the guidebook.  Something catches my eye, and I’m on it.  My most vivid memories are from the “souvenirs” I pick up while traveling, to a new city or new neighborhood in my own.
Massimo, Rome

Sirni, Rome

Ekjo, Paris
So, I’m going to share this way, and see if what I find and have to say strikes the urge in you to check out your neighborhoods, or mine, at this great time of new freedoms in your own life, for inspirations, for new experiences, and for new memories!

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