Friday, July 1, 2011

Lincoln Center Anew

With the last of my ABT series completed last night (a wonderful farewell performance by Jose Manuel Carreno in "Swan Lake," with Julie Kent and Gillian Murphy dancing Odette and Odile), and my visit to this season's start of Midsummer Night Swing, it got me thinking about Lincoln Center and its rejuvenated appearance and changes, major and minor, that have rolled out over recent years.  Enough time has passed, and the changes substantial enough, to consider them with a close look.

One of the stated goals for the recent renovations in Lincoln Center was to create a more lively public space, for even those not attending performances.  From what I have seen, I believe that goal is being met.  There is now outdoor seating (yeah chairs!) in various areas of the complex, trees for shade, free wifi, a grassy area for sunning that also serves as the roof over a new high-end Italian restaurant, Lincoln, the fountain at which people seem to be meeting at all hours and other gathering spots.
The Lincoln Center Plaza and Fountain, café seating in foreground
People always sitting on that new sleek fountain rim
Pianos sprinkled throughout the plaza (this kid was incredible!)
New spots and chairs for shade and relaxing
Grassy roof atop the new Lincoln restaurant
Outside Alice Tully Hall
Another piano, with pink gelato cart in the background
Another view of Lincoln and its grass roof

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