Sunday, July 17, 2011

Caffeinated Weekends - Kaffe 1668

For some reason, Kaffee 1668 in Tribeca is all about lambs and cartoon art.  The large wall cartoon art distracted me from placing my order, for a while.  I kept ducking around and through (and probably irritated) the seated patrons so I wouldn't miss any of them.  That's reason enough to stop in; they're clever.

The entire cartoon art collection is on their website; it, too, is worth a visit (and much easier to accomplish than a personal visit, of course, if you're not in New York).

But Kaffe 1668 isn't just kitsch and cartoons.  The coffee and tea offerings (yes, tea) are serious and varied - six single origin coffees and loads of teas (and the homemade brownies, etc., to go with it)!  Also, the ambiance is excellent for getting some work or reading done.  Chairs and tables are abundant, and the room is quiet.  

If concentration is lost for a moment or two, read the cartoons or play with the furry toy lambs.  No one will mind.

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