Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday in the Park, and the Museum, and the Festival

I didn't just eat and shop all weekend, really.  The walking was incredible - the Highline, Riverside Park South, Williamsburg, Tribeca, Soho, the Village, Chelsea and the all-time great, Central Park.  Sunday it was simply breathtaking - a light breeze, the brightest possible sunlight, the bluest sky, etc., etc.
And after nature and sunshine (and lattes from Joe and carbs from Levain, of course), it was time for culture.  Turns out that we popped out of Central Park right outside the Frick Collection, and it turns out that it was Sunday between 11am-1pm, when it's "pay-what-you-wish" admission (how lucky for us!), and it turns out also that it was Sunday Sketch in the Garden Court after 1pm.  (I so often do better in spontaneous adventures than in the planned ones.)
There were only a couple of things spontaneity couldn't cure: 
1.  I can't sketch (but I plan to come back and try).
2.  My favorite Ingres "blue girl" and the Sargents were all somewhere in hiding during the current construction (another reason to come back).

Finally, a walk further down Madison led to our intended destination (before the above divertissements) - the annual Bastille Day Street Festival on 60th Street.  Taking up every inch of three blocks between Fifth and Lex, there were crepes, macarons, pastries, baguettes, and a number of non-food attractions, such as music, books, and apparently thousands of Francophiles.
It's now time to go soak my feet.

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