Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free Hugs

I'm all in favor of sharing good will toward man (and woman), really.  But this one I just couldn't see my way to steer towards.
On a hot, sticky Saturday in July at Union Square, hurtling towards the subway station with other things on my mind, two pairs of new hiking boots and walking sticks in a large Paragon bag hanging at the end of one arm and a large bag of fresh peaches from the Union Square Greenmarket hanging off the other,  the thought of stopping to get a hug from a total stranger was so far down the list, in fact it wasn't even on the list.  Besides, as my walking companion ventured (he being 21 and honest), "eh, no one looks interesting to hug anyway."  Yikes!

And that was that.  Have a great weekend, all.  Hugs!

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