Friday, July 22, 2011

Such Heat!

Global warming it is then!  Or perhaps not.  One could argue the point, but who has the energy?  It's just too darn hot.  So, I went out on a hunt for just what one can do in such heat, if one strangely chooses to leave the confines of an air-conditioned space and spend time outdoors, as I attempted yesterday (all in the name of research, as I often say, but this research, alas, didn't involve any calories).

I think this little girl running through the sprinkler in the Union Square playground fountain has the best idea, and certainly won the prize for Appearing to Most Enjoy the Heat (she's not crying, believe me, and watching her dash around in and through that sprinkler with abandon was a riot):
Most everyone else just seemed to slow down, find some shade and do what they would ordinarily do, but with as little movement as possible:
playing chess
playing with toys
wearing costumes and performing childrens' theater, really
finding the shade and grass and just lying there
eating lunch
reading under umbrella
Kindle and iced coffee
And then there were those in great numbers who just didn't seem to understand that it was 95 degrees.  But when you're a tourist, you have to play with the cards you're dealt, and if you really want to see a Broadway show, then you really want to see a Broadway show (and I don't blame them).  I would have been happy to explain the online option for discount tickets if anyone had wanted to listen:
crowd and hours long line at the TKTS booth in Times Square - no shade at all
In the end, who did I most wish to emulate yesterday?  This mom:
back to the water...
Why should only the kids get to have fun while staying cool?

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