Friday, July 15, 2011

Storm the ...

Bastille Day, part deux (ou trois, but it's the last, I promise, for 2011).  

The fête on the street in front of Café Cercle Rouge in Tribeca was just too good a photo op to resist, and the weather was perfect.  So how could I not indulge, drink a little St. Germain liqueur and Lillet (not at once) and share? 
Traditional game of pétanque
French music.  La Marseillaise was played often.
Incredible dancing couple.  Love that beret!
Footwork perfection
More pétanque.
Who's winning?
Food and drink and super hats
the St Germain liqueur stand (it's just a poster, and no one seemed to notice)
Good stuff, made of elderflower blossoms
the pièce de résistance, literally
and what would a French fête be without a can-can?

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