Saturday, July 23, 2011

New York When It Sizzles

Not to beat a dead horse (I'll skip the heat/dead horse possibilities here), but it's really quite uncomfortable outside.  This is New York when it's over 100 degrees and breaking temperature records.  Not bad-looking in any temperature, though, it usually has a few more people running the Reservoir than I found yesterday.
Yes, I know, I also heard the news alerts to stay indoors, but I'm not always a good listener.  I guess others took those alerts more seriously.

But some people really don't have a choice,  and I saw a number of them - delivery guys for UPS, construction workers, furniture movers, news stand and fruit stand vendors, bicycle delivery guys, and anyone (including me) standing on a subway platform, where the air refuses to move and feels easily 20 degrees hotter than above-ground.

And for others, who might even have the option to stay inside an air conditioned apartment all day, sometimes even with that lucky opportunity, it's just impossible to stay inside.  I'm talking about spending an entire day with small children who get cabin fever pretty early in the day.  I've been there, though it now seems a lifetime ago.  So I just had to laugh when I saw this in front of the Manhattan Children's Museum at opening time - a long line of moms and caregivers waiting patiently with their charges in the beastly heat, each hoping for their respective nirvana:  the kids wishing for friends to play with and new activities to engage in, and the grown-ups just praying for a cool place to sit down to wait out the hot sun and/or the energy of the kids, whichever comes first.

We've got another one today.  Stay indoors, East Coast.  Today, I'm listening.

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