Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Dog, New Tricks

My Little Paris for iPad from mylittleparis on Vimeo.

(ooh, my first copy/paste of a video into a blog post!)  I love how this old dog is still learning new tricks.  And speaking of which, the reason for the video is my new "toy" - the ipad.   I'm still trying to figure out truly useful things to do with it that I can't already do between my iphone and a laptop.  At home, it's still easier to grab one of those than to fiddle with the ipad.  

However, when traveling, I'm still hoping the ipad is the way to go (but if someone really understands how to blog from an ipad, please let me know; I don't think they've really gotten a good app for that yet).

In the meantime, I believe the ipad is mostly for fun, reading newpapers and magazines online, in a print size we mature folks can read, and writing (with a new app I'm also playing with called iA Writer).  That said, it's imperative to also have a keyboard if you don't want to deal with the onscreen keyboard for big writing projects (or even long emails).  I bought the bluetooth version apple is selling, and so far so good.

I moved all my iphone apps over to the ipad at the start.  Then, using itunes, if I could find an ipad-specific app for that function, I deleted the iphone app (they're smaller, using only iphone-sized partial screen) from the ipad and installed its counterpart ipad app.  

The France Inter radio app (which is the same for iphone and ipad) is still my favorite for both.  I am able to listen to French radio in real time from seven stations, from the same app.  It's incredibly user-friendly.  To me, it's a prime example of how, as one of my sons likes to say, we "live in the future."

And, back to the video above, the app shown (which just came out today) is really as clever, goofy and fun as it looks.  Who wouldn't want to have an ipad, or fly off to Paris, or both, after watching it?

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