Friday, July 8, 2011

The Magical Met

Not the Mets, sorry baseball fans (as if anyone reading this blog wouldn't know I don't mean the Mets).  

What a transporting experience an evening at the Met can be.  And it always is for me, for all 30 years I have been a subscriber.  (Silly note, but true - when I first came to NY in 1980 to intern at a law firm that summer, I told myself then that, should I decide to take a job and live here, I would make sure I took advantage of the opportunities before me to see world-class ballet and subscribe to ABT every Met season.  And I have, even through the years of raising children (perhaps leaving before the third act to relieve a babysitter), performances missed due to late nights at the office (or a snooze during the third act to make up for lost sleep), and (best of all) the chance to enjoy an evening at the ballet with many, many people dear to me over the years.)

Feeling nostalgic for my last ABT performance of the spring 2011 Met season, I sneaked in a few photos before the curtain came up.
ballet lovers pouring in (or relaxing with dinner above)

the Met's ubiquitous chandelier

one of the two fantastical Chagall tapestries

fountain meeting point for many seeing something at Lincoln Center

entrance as seen from the balcony terrace

orchestra warm-up

it was a full house for Swan Lake

and when the chandeliers ceremoniously rise to the ceiling, the magic begins

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