Sunday, July 24, 2011

Caffeinated Weekends - Kava Cafe

Just south of, and practically in the shadow of, the High Line, resides Kava Cafe.  This place is extra special, so run, bike or walk, but however you get there, go. 

I really get a kick out of finding something totally unexpected like this.  Kava is only about six months old.  When it gets "discovered," it will become something huge (but selfishly I hope not).  I loved it just the way I found it the other morning on one of our hot and sticky July days. 

OK, deep breath, now for the description.  It's a sleek Italian espresso bar, as I might dream in my most lavish rendering.  Polished black and brass shine throughout, a practically one-of-a-kind espresso maker from La Marzocco, lots of room to stand or sit at Kava's long bars, and best of all (besides the excellent espresso drinks using Stumptown beans) is the huge garden out back, filled with cedar tables and chairs, and completely shaded by enormous leafy trees.
Gelato, too
The perfect shaded garden
The perfect iced latte in the perfect garden
The sleek Milano-style espresso bar and rich terrazzo floor.
Kava's offerings
No detail left undesigned
(A really nice New York Times review and photos are here for more info.  The review is from January, though, and doesn't mention the garden.)

Perfect location, perfect garden.  Done.


  1. Thank you for stopping by Kava Cafe and we are thrilled that you enjoyed your experience with us. Just one clarification regarding the coffee beans, we switched from Stumptown beans to Caffe Pronto beans in March. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Regards, Kava Cafe

  2. Kava - thanks for the correction. I hope to spend some quality time in your garden one not-too-warm and sunny day soon.